Frequently Asked Questions


1.What's the ratio of men to women?

Nationally the member ratio of Men/Women golfers in ASGA is about 50/50, but the ratio of Men/Women for Sacramento ASGA varies from week to week. Not everyone golfs every event, and we never know who our guests will be, so it's difficult to determine what our overall ratio would be. The ratio for men/women golfers in Northern California is 3/1 Men/Ladies. Since we've had a 2/2 ratio at some of our events, we think we're holding our own!

2. What do you do at your membership meetings?

We generally socialize for the first hour, then the meeting is called to order. We have dinner with the meeting. At every meeting, announcements of upcoming events are made and sign-up sheets of these events are passed around. General business is discussed.

3. Do you provide golf lessons for the members?

Most medium and large clubs have one or two members who join the club but also instruct golf professionally at a local golf course or driving range. These individuals may provide group instruction and clinics at a nominal rate. It is not uncommon for the club to offer clinics at local driving ranges. All it takes is for one individual to contact the range, seek a qualified instructor and establish a group rate or discount

4. How much does it cost and what do I get for my dues?

Dues are set by the national organization, however, local chapters may charge up to $10 additional for local dues and raise monies by adding a dollar or two to each persons’ golf outing fee, socials, or fund raisers such as 50/50 raffles. National dues are five dollars per month, paid annually at $70 per year (for new members) and $65 per year for renewal members. You receive a monthly newsletter of all of your club’s activities, a membership kit upon joining with discounts and other benefits, and an opportunity to play in ASGA’s multi-chapter golf weekends throughout the year. Your dues support the national organization, which has expenses like any other business, e.g. personnel, office rental, computer and copier leases, etc. Expenses at the local level should be kept at a minimum and each event, whether it is a golf outing, social, Christmas party, etc. should be borne by the participants of each event.

5. Is there anybody my age in the club?

Come to a monthly meeting and see for yourself. All clubs have a variety of ages. When younger people join, it causes other young people to join so it’s important to have a club with all ages involved.

6. Where do you play?

Anywhere you like. All clubs use a number of local courses, including municipal, private and semi-private clubs. The national organization sponsors many multi-chapter weekend golf trips. Some clubs have a "home course," where members receive a regular discount for individual/group play.

7. How often do you play golf?

Each club plays as often as it wishes. Most clubs, when the weather cooperates, have official club outings as often as each weekend! And once members come to know each other, they’ll put together impromptu golf outings of smaller foursomes.

8. I’m divorced. Am I allowed to join?

Absolutely. Single, by our definition, is anyone who has never married OR is legally separated OR is divorced OR widowed.

9. Do you have to be a good golfer?

No, just a good person. Our average handicap is 25 nationally. So for every 15 handicapper, there’s a 35 out there, and for every 5 handicapper, there’s a 45. We encourage beginners to join because learning through friend is not as intimidating. We want members to become good golfers because it is a "game for life." Chapters are not allowed to select only low handicap golfers to join.

10. What happens if I get married?

It’s congratulations and farewell! We’re a singles club. Not that we have anything against married people, in fact that’s a goal for a lot of our members. But we preserve our uniqueness by keeping it a singles club. Each clubs’ bylaws will offer more details about this policy.